Thursday, 3 May 2012


Sitting in the bath, bubbles foamed up high, Vogue magazine S/S collection and French radio softly playing in the background. Bliss

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Airy Fairy Space and Time

Space and Time.

I am a very lucky person to have what I have. And I know I would love to share it.

But I know that I may not.

So for now I know the best thing to do is to fundamentally fully appreciate this life that has been given to me.
All the time, I appreciate what my eyes see and what my mind feels. What my soul feels. Like it’s absorbing life a thousand miles a second, and it’s not even breaking a sweat because it’s enjoying it sooo much.

I feel love in my heart and joy in my soul.
I wish I could fix the world with this feeling.

If we are all as one, why can’t I just transmit this feeling into the core of us all?

Who’s put that barrier there? And why?

"For I do like to think about our world. How to me it is so vast and wonderful."

Walking up my stairs, I realised how privileged I was to have just got a drink of water out of the kitchen tap.
The fact that I had a tap with clean, purified water...

crystal clear

...all ready and waiting for me to have a drink.
The fact that I was now turning off the light. Taking these things for granted.

I then realised how lucky I was to have a peacefully quiet house, full of sleeping bodies, going about their daily routines, undisturbed.

I then felt the soft carpet under my feet as I climbed the stairs to my safe haven; a quiet and safe heaven atop a yellow staircase.
Entering my room, I realised how lucky I am to have my own space, away from the scary world that may be. My bed, soft and luxurious.

I thought how not many people in this world have what I have.

I am in a First World country;
Photographs of my many good times, holidays, parties and dreams;
my Union Jack flag hanging over my mirror, symbolising the nation that I am in;
the stickers and notes on my mirror, reminiscent of a good education;
the various artefacts dotted around my room from travels gone by;
the symbol of sexual liberty and acceptance, a joy not experienced by so many on our planet;
and, on the wall, a small map of the world – for I do like to think about our world. How to me it is so vast and wonderful. But there is so much here that I do not know.

Mysteries that I am sure I will never know.


Pause Over

Well! I see that many months have passed since I was here... Long enough for me to forget my own password and sign-in name!
In the previous blog posts, the photos are some snapshots of my life that i put up last year. Some are from further years past. They do not have descriptions as of yet, maybe they'll stay that way. Some will just have to be memories and meanings in my own head. Some definitely shouldn't be.

A new breath of aire will be given to my little blog. I shall give him a name, that way I will care for it much more, as if he had little eyes and a soul.
That'll be his name.
Just like the duck I made.
'Quacky' was a duck, he was white and yellow and had black eyes. I loved him very much. I made his twin, 'Blacky'. He was black and white but had no eyes. The absence of eyes meant that there was no emotional attachment between us so I loved him none. Poor Blacky :(

If i give Bloggy some eyes, I will love him. And we will have a future together.

So, here you go, Bloggy, harness my love:

Now you're just like these guys!!!

Peas x

Friday, 2 October 2009

Caz Got Soul, it's bouncing from her eyes.